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Finding a Highly Regarded Surgeon in Los Angeles

If you are seeking a solution to gynecomastia in Los Angeles, it is essential to find a highly regarded surgeon who prioritizes patient safety and your satisfaction. Delivering the best possible experience requires achieving superior outcomes while making your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Gynecomastia describes the undesirable enlargement or swelling of your chest area that can occur at any age and from a variety of causes. Our Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center, is backed by a team of skillful and experienced board-certified surgeons, who offer the best possible care and surgical treatments for gynecomastia. Your experience will extend beyond the operating room as you leverage our extensive knowledge surrounding male health and optimizing your lifestyle.  From the initial consultation and even following your surgery and recovery phase, we deliver every patient the top-notch care they deserve.

At our Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center, we understand that every patient is unique and requires personalized care. We will ensure not just the removal of your excess breast tissues but also the opportunity to attain a healthy weight and even well-sculpted body that bolsters your self-esteem and overall well-being. Utilizing the latest techniques and tools, our surgeons effectively treat gynecomastia, enabling individuals to restore their confidence and lead fulfilling lives.

Finding a highly regarded surgeon who values patient safety and delivers effective treatment of gynecomastia is paramount. At our Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center, you will be provided a customized surgical plan and receive ongoing care and support to help you through your journey. Visit us today, and allow our dedicated experts to guide you every step of the way.

Before & After Gallery

Gyno before and after.
Gyno before and after.
Gyno before and after.
Gyno before and after.
Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia.
Gyno before and after.
Tummy tuck with before and after photos, focusing on gynecomastia.
Gyno before and after.
Tummy tuck before and after.
Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia.
Before and after gynecomastia tummy tuck.
Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia.
Gyno before and after.
A man's chest before and after surgery.
Gyno before and after.
Gyno before and after.
Tummy tuck and gynecomastia before and after.
Before and after pictures of tummy tuck and gynecomastia.
Tummy tuck for gynecomastia before and after.
Tummy tuck and gynecomastia before and after.
Before and after gynecomastia tummy tuck.
Gyno before and after.
Gyno before and after.
Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia correction.
Before and after tummy tuck for gynecomastia patients.
Tummy tuck and gynecomastia before and after.
Tummy tuck and gynecomastia "before and after" transformation.
Tummy tuck with before and after gynecomastia transformation.


We are proud to stand at the forefront of innovation in minimally invasive gynecomastia solutions, offering a distinct approach that weaves safety, effectiveness, and swift recovery into each procedure. Our pioneering protocols have recalibrated the gynecomastia treatment landscape to deliver unparalleled results with minimal intrusion into your life, all under the masterful hands of Dr. Moein.

Our state-of-the-art, certified surgical center is equipped with both awake and general anesthesia options to ensure your utmost comfort and safety. Every step of your journey is carefully curated to echo your unique needs and aspirations.

At Gynecomastia LA, we don't just change bodies; we transform lives. Let Dr. Moein guide you through this journey to your best self. Your transformation journey begins with a single consultation. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us today.

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Why Choose Dr. Moein for Your Surgery in Los Angles?

Why Choose Dr. Moein for Your Gynecomastia Surgery in Los Angles?
The fact that gynecomastia surgery can directly impact your appearance and self-esteem, can seem daunting. You are not alone, and that's why the importance of a supportive patient community comes into focus. At our Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center, we understand that empathy and understanding form the backbone of patient care.

Choosing the right surgeon, one who is not only exceptional at his craft but also understands the patient's perspective, can significantly influence your surgical experience. We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Moein, MD., an expert in gynecomastia surgery, who has been lauded by the medical community and, more importantly, by the patient community he has served nearly 2 decades.

Dr. Moein's approach to patient care is unsurpassed. He believes that every patient is unique. His commitment to patient-centric care is what sets him apart. What does this mean for the patient? As a patient, you're not just a surgical case for Dr. Moein, MD. He understands that surgery goes beyond medical terms and statistics. He takes the time to know you as a patient and crafts a surgical plan tailored to your needs.

With Dr. Moein, MD, at the helm, you can rest assured knowing you are in capable and caring hands for your gynecomastia surgery. His extensive experience in surgery, combined with his understanding of the physical and emotional aspects that a patient grapples with, makes him the surgeon of choice amongst the patient community.

At our Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center, the approach to every surgery is simple - Patient first. This unwavering commitment to each patient has defined Dr. Moein's journey as an MD and distinguished him in the field of surgery.

So, if you're considering gynecomastia surgery and wondering who to trust, remember this - Dr. Moein, MD, doesn’t just perform a surgery; he helps you reclaim your life. It's like the old saying, A good doctor treats the disease, but a great doctor treats the patient. And that's why you should choose Dr. Moein for your gynecomastia surgery.


Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki is a world-renowned bariatric and cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, CA. He is trained in weight loss surgery and minimally invasive surgery body contouring, which makes him qualified to help patients achieve their health and aesthetic goals.

As a gynecomastia doctor, Dr. Moein can remove glandular breast tissue, reduce excess fat, and eliminate excess skin to perform necessary cosmetic treatments to make your chest less feminized and symmetric on both sides.

If you are considering doing Gynecomastia surgery in Los Angeles or in the Southern California region, turn to Dr. Moein if you experience an excess of breast tissue, puffy nipples, or if your male breasts cause you tenderness or embarrassment.

Your chest can now appear more “normal” with the help of Dr. Moein’s gynecomastia surgery expertise. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your unique problem to achieve a tailored approach to your male breasts.

Gynecomastia Types

A man in sunglasses is splashing in the ocean.

Gynecomastia in BodyBuilders

The use of testosterone & other substances can lead to male breast growth. Gynecomastia surgery reduces male breast tissue & helps your chest muscles show through the skin!

A young man in a bikini posing for a photo.

Male Breast Asymmetry

Some men experience an excess of breast tissue on one side of their chest only. Dr. Babak can make both sides of the chest mirror images of one another by performing the perfect Gynecomastia surgery.

A man with a shirtless chest posing on a white background.

Gynecomastia in Teens

Hormonal changes during puberty can lead to breast growth on one or both sides of the chest. Nearly half of all teen boys will experience some degree of gynecomastia which can be fixed by surgery!

An older man and woman hugging each other.

Gynecomastia in Older Men

Male breast growth in older men can be caused by many things. A simple gynecomastia surgery in LA, by Dr. Babak can remove the enlarged breast tissue for improved quality of life.

A man with a beard posing on a white background.

Gynecomastia in Overweight Men

Obese or overweight men can experience an increase in fatty tissue over the chest area. Gynecomastia surgery can stop the embarrassment & helps clothing fit better!

A man with no shirt is posing for a photo.

Puffy Nipples on Men

Men can experience puffiness of the nipple area for several reasons. Dr. Babak, on of the best Gyno doctors in LA, can stop the discomfort and embarrassment caused by this condition.

What Do Our Patients Have to Say about Us?



I was apprehensive about having surgery for the first time, but Dr. Babak took the time to explain everything and guided me through the entire process. I adore the outcomes!



Dr. Babak has performed a successful gynecomastia operation for me. He is a very kind doctor.



I was apprehensive about having surgery for the first time, but Dr. Babak took the time to explain everything and guided me through the entire process. I adore the outcomes!



My brother has gynecomastia, which he suffered from since puberty. I don’t know how to express my thanks for your excellent work on my brother. My brother is not ashamed to take off his shirt now and always looks forward to swimming. 



This gynecomastia center is the best in Los Angeles. Dr. Moein is a great gyno doctor! Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, and informative. The staff is also very friendly. Highly recommended!

Are You a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia.

In most cases, gynecomastia will resolve on its own. Surgery is usually not recommended unless the enlarged breast tissue is causing tenderness, pain, and embarrassment, or an underlying illness, such as hypogonadism cause the condition.
You will be considered an ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery if you are of normal weight and possess excessive breast tissue.
If you are deemed overweight, your doctor may ask you to drop a few pounds before scheduling the surgery. To be recommended for gynecomastia surgery, you must be of sound health and able to tolerate general anesthesia.

You may not be considered for surgery if you are taking blood thinners, anticoagulants, or have any underlying health conditions.

The Company We Keep

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How Gynecomastia Affects Confidence Levels

Gynecomastia, an increase in breast size in men due to abnormal breast development, is often caused by an imbalance of sex hormones. This condition can prompt significant psychological distress and adversely affect self-confidence. At Los Angeles Gynecomastia Centers, we embody a comprehensive range of treatment methods for gynecomastia devised to address both the physical and emotional aspects of the condition.

The fundamental cause of gynecomastia lies within the body's hormonal changes that promote the proliferation of fatty tissue in the male breast. The hormone changes can be due to various factors, including genetic predisposition, certain medications, or underlying health conditions like liver disease or tumors. At Los Angeles Gynecomastia Centers, we strive to identify and address the root cause through customized treatments.

A part of our gynecomastia treatment strategy addresses the hormonal imbalance, which lies at the heart of the condition's cause. We offer specific hormonal therapies targeting the imbalance and preventing it from causing further breast tissue changes. Our comprehensive evaluation, including laboratory tests, ensures a personalized treatment plan that mitigates the cause, controls the hormone changes, and prevents the recurrence of gynecomastia.

Another crucial component of our treatment approach includes surgical interventions, predominantly when the gynecomastia has advanced and the breast development has led to significant enlargement. This treatment method involves liposuction or mastectomy, depending upon the severity and individual patient needs. Surgical excision may be warranted in rare cases where an underlying tumor drives gynecomastia. Los Angeles Gynecomastia Center provides all these cutting-edge treatment modalities under one roof, making it a preferred choice for those seeking effective gynecomastia treatment.

Lastly, emotional support and therapy constitute an integral part of our treatment approach at Los Angeles Gynecomastia Centers. We firmly believe that emotional support must supplement medical interventions to ensure an all-rounded recovery. Hence, we facilitate counseling sessions to improve self-perception and rebuild the confidence of patients affected by gynecomastia.

In conclusion, at Los Angeles Gynecomastia Centers, we offer a multifaceted gynecomastia treatment approach - synchronized hormonal therapies to rectify imbalances, state-of-the-art surgical interventions to address physical changes, and mindful psychological therapy to rebuild the self-image and confidence eroded by gynecomastia.

Find out if Gynecomastia Surgery is Right for You!

Learn about your options for male breast reduction surgery (Gynecomastia surgery) in & near Los Angeles by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Moein.
Here, you are guaranteed an exceptional patient experience.
From the moment of your initial meeting to surgery and beyond, your health and body shape goals will take top priority.
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Gynecomastia FAQs

  1. What is gynecomastia?

    • Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by the swelling of breast tissue in boys and men,  an imbalance of hormones and puberty are common causes.
  2. What causes gynecomastia? 

    • One of the primary causes is an imbalance between the hormones testosterone and estrogen. When there's a decrease in testosterone or an increase in estrogen, gynecomastia can develop.
  3. Can puberty lead to gynecomastia?

    • Yes, hormone levels can fluctuate during puberty, leading to temporary changes, including the development of gynecomastia. It's common for adolescent boys to experience this, and it often resolves on its own as hormone levels stabilize.
  4. Are there medications and imbalances that can cause gynecomastia?

    • Yes, several medications can lead to gynecomastia. These include certain anti-ulcer drugs, anti-androgens, anabolic steroids, antibiotics, and some medications used for heart conditions. Always consult with a physician about potential medication side effects.
  5. Can gynecomastia indicate underlying health issues?

    • While gynecomastia itself isn't typically harmful, it can sometimes point to other causes such as liver disease, tumors, or hormonal imbalances.
  6. How is gynecomastia diagnosed?

    • Diagnosis typically involves a physical examination, medical history review, and possibly tests to check for any hormonal imbalances or other causes with underlying conditions.
  7. Do lifestyle changes impact gynecomastia?

    • Lifestyle changes, particularly those related to weight, can influence the severity of gynecomastia. Obesity can increase estrogen production, potentially exacerbating the condition. On the other hand, weight loss might help alleviate it.
  8. How is gynecomastia treated?

    • Treatment depends on the cause and severity. If it's due to medications, a change in prescription might help. In cases related to puberty, waiting might be recommended, as it often resolves on its own. Surgical options might be considered in more severe cases or when it causes emotional distress.
  9. Does gynecomastia increase the risk of breast cancer in men?

    • While men with gynecomastia have a higher risk compared to those without, the overall risk of male breast cancer remains low.
  10. What's the difference between gynecomastia and chest fat?

  • Gynecomastia involves breast tissue growth due to hormone imbalances, while chest fat is simply an accumulation of fatty tissue. A physician can help distinguish between the two.
  1. Can certain foods or substances cause gynecomastia?

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