Factors Affecting Gynecomastia Surgery Results in Today’s ORs

Here we discuss the top 5 factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results in the operating rooms. Excessive male breast growth (gynecomastia) is a common condition that affects nearly half of all men at some point in their lives. The condition is most common in pubescent teens and older men and is typically caused by a hormone imbalance in the body. Certain lifestyle choices, medications, diseases, and even genetics can also lead to the development of female-like breasts.

Gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at restoring masculine contours to the chest area. Men who undergo gyno surgery tend to be pleased with the gynecomastia surgery results, and recurrences of the condition are rare.

While gyno surgery is a simple and safe surgery, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are various techniques a doctor can use to give the man a slimmer, more masculine chest. Yet the type of surgery is only one factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results to consider when you want results that fall in line with your aesthetic ideals. There are a few other factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results you’ll want to be conscious of if you want top-notch results in the operating room.

Before we get to those, it helps to discuss what we mean by gynecomastia surgery results.

What Results Should You Expect with Surgery?

Another name for gyno surgery is male breast reduction. The purpose of this cosmetic surgery is to remove the enlarged breast tissue that contributes to your problem. In some cases, the surgery is used to remove excess skin from the chest. The surgery is almost always used to remove fat from the chest, as breast tissue is comprised of mostly fat.
When the surgeon is finished, your chest will be flatter with improved contours underneath your armpits. Your profile will appear masculine as opposed to feminine and, in many cases, your surgeon will reshape and reposition your areolas to develop more symmetry. The results will leave your chest not only flatter and more attractive but also firmer to the touch.
Gyno grade severity

Those are the results every man with gynecomastia hopes for. Now let’s get to those factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results. In an ideal world, all the right factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results will fall into place, which would give you dramatic and life-changing results. Here are the factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results to pay attention to if you plan to have gynecomastia surgery in the near future.

Factors Affecting Gynecomastia Surgery Results in the Operating Room

1. The Severity of the Condition

The amount of excess tissue on your chest could affect the outcome of male breast reduction surgery. There are four recognized grades of clinical gynecomastia and they are all based on severity.

Grade 1 is indicated by small breast enlargement. A case like this might only need liposuction to remove the fatty tissue along the chest area. You know you have grade one when only a slight amount of fat is present without any signs of excess skin on the front or sides of the chest.

Grade 2 is marked by moderate breast enlargement. Similar to grade 1, there is no excess skin on the chest. This case can also be handled with a cosmetic procedure like liposuction, which breaks up the fat along the chest area before it is sucked out with a thin plastic tube known as a cannula.

Grade 3 is similar to grade 2. The big difference is that excess skin is present. With grade 3 gynecomastia, a combination of liposuction and male breast reduction can be used to create a trimmer chest profile. The surgeon will first create an incision along the chest area, whereby the excess skin and connective tissue will be cut away. The fat is removed with liposuction before the surgical wound is closed.

Grade 4 (severe gynecomastia) is identified by marked enlargement of the male chest along with the presence of excess skin. Like grade 3, grade 4 will require some level of tissue excision along with liposuction to improve the contours of the chest. The biggest difference between grades 3 and 4 is with the lateral chest area.

With grade 4, it is not uncommon for the tissue to spread beyond the sides of the chest. Tissue excision can remove this tissue to give the chest tighter and more precise contours.

No matter the severity of your condition, your gynecomastia surgeon will do whatever is necessary to restore your chest to a more masculine appearance. More severe cases may have larger incisions due to the complexity of the surgery involved. These can affect your results.

Speak to your surgeon about the realistic results you can expect according to the grade of gynecomastia you happen to suffer from.

2. Certain Lifestyle Choices

You might wonder how your lifestyle choices can affect the results of a gynecomastia procedure in the operating room. However, some habits like smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana, abusing drugs like anabolic steroids, and overeating can hinder your results as a gynecomastia patient.

Smoking Cigarettes

You will be advised by your gynecomastia surgeon to quit smoking at least two months prior to your scheduled surgery. Quitting smoking is never easy, but it might help to envision the dramatic results you are sure to get by undergoing surgery. Kick the habit and those results could be yours.

Smoking can lead to unnecessary risks in the OR. That’s right. Surgery is simple and safe, but no surgery is without risks to your health. Common risks of gynecomastia surgery include swelling, slight discomfort, and bruising. Smoking puts you at risk for more severe side effects of surgery such as shock, heart attack, stroke, and death. That knowledge alone may help you toss your last pack into the trash once and for all.

Another reason to quit smoking is that it may hinder your ability to heal. Your gynecomastia surgery results could be skewed if you experience healing complications. For those reasons and more, quit the habit of smoking. You’ll be glad you did when the results of your surgery are finally realized.

Hormonal Imbalances

The other habits we discussed – marijuana smoking, drug abuse, and overeating – can all cause a hormone imbalance in the body. Instead of being testosterone dominant, your body may produce more estrogen than you need, which leads to the development of female characteristics, such as female-like breasts.
If you want the best gynecomastia surgery results from your surgery, you will want to practice the right habits to achieve aesthetic success. Stop heavy marijuana usage, cut out drugs (including excessive anabolic steroid usage), and try to lose a few pounds if you are currently overweight. Your surgeon will give you advice on how to optimize your health in preparation for surgery.
It may only take a few weeks of habit change to make you a prime candidate for a gyno surgery procedure.
By adopting healthier habits, not only can you expect stellar results in the operating room, but your gynecomastia condition is less likely to return later.
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3. Your Choice of Cosmetic Surgeon

Having surgery is a difficult decision, but it’s easier to make that decision when you take the time to find the best gyno surgeon. You should be looking for a surgeon that exhibits certain characteristics if you want to be absolutely pleased with your gynecomastia surgery results. You are encouraged to schedule a few consultations with surgeons to determine which professional is best for your needs.

When seated with these surgeons in their offices, gauge how comfortable you feel in their presence. How is their bedside manner? Does the doctor seem knowledgeable about the condition of gynecomastia and the surgical treatments available?

While you’re at it, look around the office. Do you feel comfortable and safe within the confines of the examination room during your consultation? Does the staff seem organized and are you treated with respect? These initial impressions are important.

Take note when you feel comfortable, safe, and in good hands. Likewise, pay attention whenever you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. You only want to choose the gynecomastia surgeon that leaves you the most at ease.

One way to determine the right surgeon for you is to inquire about before and after images. Nothing tells you more about the skill and experience level of your surgeon quite like full-color photographs of real-life patients as they looked before and after their procedures. A doctor with a good track record will also be able to produce testimonials from loyal clients who can’t wait to rave about the dramatic results they received.

The bottom line is that you’ll want to spend time finding and choosing the right gynecomastia surgeon if you want the best results in the OR.

4. Gyno Surgery Preparation

Your gynecomastia surgeon will instruct you on the proper methods for preparing for your surgery. You’ll start early if you’re a smoker, as two months is the minimal length of time until all the nicotine is out of your system.
In addition, try not to eat or drink anything the evening before surgery. Having food or liquid in your system may cause a bad reaction with general anesthesia. It is important to keep your stomach empty so that you can be anesthetized safely during your procedure.
Some gyno surgeons choose to use IV sedation instead. If that’s the case, your gyno surgeon will instruct you on how to prepare appropriately for your safety.
Choose the right gyno surgeon for having best gynecomastia surgery results in & near Los Angeles - factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results

5. The State of Your Health

When you schedule an initial consultation with your gynecomastia doctor, you will undergo a physical examination. The purpose of this exam is to provide you with a proper gynecomastia diagnosis. Your surgeon will also ascertain the severity of your condition before assessing your general health.

Your doctor wants to rule out medical reasons for excessive male breast growth such as hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic kidney failure, low testosterone, and male breast cancer. If one of these diseases is present, your surgeon may recommend treatment before attempting to tackle the gynecomastia.

Some medications can lead to gynecomastia in men as well. Medicines like Aldactone (diuretic), calcium channel blockers for hypertension, ACE inhibitor drugs for hypertension, and antibiotics like Xolegel can all contribute to the growth of male breast tissue in males. Speak to your doctor if you suspect the medicines you are taking could be contributing to your gyno. Never stop medications without speaking with your doctor first.

Even lavender oil and tea tree oil have been associated with gynecomastia. The best bet is to stop these substances to determine if your breast growth resolves. Otherwise, gynecomastia surgery is your best bet.

If you are in good health with healthy skin tone and favorable skin elasticity, those are excellent factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results. The better your health, the safer the surgery, and the better outcomes you can expect.

You now have a few factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results to pay attention to as you think about scheduling a male breast reduction procedure. The severity of your condition, your lifestyle habits, your choice of surgeon, method of preparation, and the state of your health should all be considered, as they will dictate what you can expect as far as factors affecting Gynecomastia surgery results are concerned.

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