Male Breast Asymmetry

Around 20% of men will develop gynecomastia at some point in their lives. Male breast asymmetry is a symptom of gynecomastia whereby one side of the chest appears swollen or misshapen due to the presence of fatty and glandular tissue. One nipple might look puffier than the other.

The other side of the chest might look masculine while the other might droop like a female breast. Male breast asymmetry can occur at any age. When it happens to teenage boys during puberty, the appearance of an uneven chest can be particularly troublesome.

This is a time when the teen boy wants to fit in, and male breast asymmetry may invite mockery and jibes like “man boobs” to be thrown his way.

Even older men may feel self-conscious changing in the gym locker room. Since the uneven breast tissue is caused by fat, you may have wondered if diet and exercise could help the problem go away. Yet no matter how many bench presses you do, or miles you run, your chest remains asymmetrical.

The good news is that treatment is available for male breast asymmetry. Call the Gynecomastia Center of Los Angeles and speak to Dr. Babak Moein about the treatment options available to you.

What Treatments Are There for Enlarged Male Breasts?

Many men with gynecomastia have excess breast tissue on both sides of their chest. Men with male breast asymmetry only have one side that needs correcting. The treatments for both types of gynecomastia are the same. Liposuction, male breast removal, VASER Liposuction, and J-Plasma Renuvion round out the most common treatments for male breast asymmetry and gyno as a whole.

Gynecomastia and Liposuction 

Males with breasts are increasingly turning to liposuction to remove the fatty tissue. The aim of lipo is to return your chest to a flatter, more masculine appearance. The procedure requires tiny incisions that your surgeon can hide within the normal folds of your skin. This technique makes any scarring that results nearly invisible upon healing. The incisions act as entry points for the cannula, which is a thin, plastic tube used to suction out pockets of fat. The procedure is effective for correcting the asymmetry of the breasts. Lipo works well on cases where fatty tissue exists behind the nipple, causing it to protrude, and giving that puffy nipple effect.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery 

When your male breast asymmetry has led to skin that is stretched out, or that droops, only reduction surgery can return symmetry to your chest.

The gynecomastia surgeon will excise (cutaway) the excess tissue before reshaping and repositioning the areola.

Liposuction will typically be used in conjunction with male breast reduction to suction out any fatty tissue that exists.

The result is a masculine chest that is symmetrical on both sides.

VASER Liposuction

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The technology uses ultrasound waves to break up and liquefy fat. This makes the fat cells easier to extract. Your gynecomastia surgeon can get to hard-to-reach places with the VASER probe, which makes it very precise when removing fat while leaving surrounding tissues untouched. If you want a more toned chest, VASER is the device to choose from.

Renuvion (J-Plasma)

Breast asymmetry in males can be corrected with Liposuction followed by J-Plasma technology. Renuvion is the device used by many gynecomastia surgeons. A combination of cold helium is passed through radiofrequency energy to emit a cool blast of high-intensity energy. The result is tighter and firmer skin on and around your chest, which is ideal for returning symmetry to the area.

How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cost?

The average cost of gynecomastia surgery is $4,123, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is just a base figure that does not account for added costs, such as anesthesia. Keep in mind that there are many ways to pay for treatment. Insurance is unlikely to cover gynecomastia surgery, but there are financing options available. CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending are two finance options that let you pay for treatment over time, with low monthly payments.

Instead of thinking about the cost, think of the benefits of gynecomastia surgery that you will receive, such as the self-esteem boost and aesthetic advancement. You’ll be able to take your shirt off with abandon and without feeling self-conscious, which is well worth the cost.

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A full assessment is necessary to diagnose your type of gynecomastia. A medical diagnosis can also rule out diseases and illnesses that mimic the symptoms of gyno, such as liver failure and male breast cancer.
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