The Latest Trends and Technology in Gynecomastia Surgery

We discuss the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery and how Gynecomastia can cause problems for teen boys and men. Grow male breasts and your self-esteem can take a hit. Finding a shirt that doesn’t make your breasts noticeable is a chore. And swimming with your shirt off? Forget about it!

There are various gynecomastia grades, from mild to severe. Boys and men with mild gynecomastia may not require any intervention. In some cases, the male breast condition resolves on its own. But when your gynecomastia is severe, you’ll do anything to make it go away like knowing the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery is the most effective and permanent method we currently have for ridding your body of male breast tissue enlargement. When the breasts bulge and sag, gynecomastia surgery can remove the glandular tissue, excess fatty tissue, and extra skin to leave your chest flat and masculine, just like other boys and men your age.

Gyno surgery, which is also referred to as male breast reduction surgery, has come a long way in recent years. The latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery have made the procedure less invasive and more thorough. The incisions used are smaller, and the results appear natural. Most teens and men who undergo the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery are pleased with their results.

Men with gyno have the benefit of many choices when it comes to surgical intervention because of these latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery. The latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery is so versatile it can be tailored for each patient.

To become a well-informed patient if you are considering male breast reduction surgery, here are the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery doctors are using to reverse breast enlargement in boys and men like you.

Your Guide to Gynecomastia Advancements

Before we get to the effectiveness of the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery techniques, it is important to reiterate the answer to a question that is so often asked during many consultations. When patients see a doctor about their problem, they always want to know if there is any chance the condition will go away on its own or if needs the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia treatments.

The answer is yes, in many cases. Gynecomastia affects around 65% of all males at some point in their lives. For a good number of those boys and men, the male breast tissue will shrink by itself with no intervention necessary within two years. If the case is moderate to severe, the condition could linger and only gynecomastia surgery can deliver permanent results.

The next common question most often asked of gynecomastia doctors is:

Can You Have Gynecomastia Treatment without Surgery?

Most people are nervous about undergoing surgery, and that is understandable. There are some medications prescribed for the condition of male breasts, but they are not FDA approved. Any medicines given to patients for this condition are considered for off-label purposes and may not deliver permanent results.

Now that we have that covered, let’s get to those latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery that can deliver stellar and permanent results. 

Male breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles - Latest Trends and Technology in Gynecomastia Surgery

Breast Reduction for Bilateral Gynecomastia and Unilateral Gynecomastia (Breast Asymmetry)

Bilateral gynecomastia refers to a benign enlargement of the breast on both sides of the chest. Unilateral gynecomastia would refer to male breasts suffering from asymmetrical gynecomastia, where only one side of the chest is enlarged. In both cases, there are a few choices gynecomastia surgeons can make. They can choose to excise the excess glandular tissue, remove the fatty tissue with traditional liposuction, or they can use both procedures to flatten the chest.

In all cases, excess skin may also be removed, and the nipple may be resized and/or reshaped to reduce puffiness and restore normality.

Anesthesia Reduces Discomfort During Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Before any surgical techniques can be performed, medications are administered for your comfort. The latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery is for doctors to use intravenous sedation and general anesthesia in combination. This puts you to sleep during the procedure and ensures you feel no pain, nor will you remember anything after waking up in the recovery room.

Advanced Liposuction Techniques Combined with J-Plasma

As most are aware, breast tissue is mostly adipose tissue. Liposuction is the technique gynecomastia surgeons use to remove excess fatty tissue from the chest. Traditional liposuction involves several small incisions and the insertion of a saline solution that breaks up the fat tissue. A cannula (thin metal rod) is inserted into the incision points and moved back and forth in a controlled motion to further break up the fat before the tissue is vacuum suctioned out. 

Traditional liposuction is effective, but doctors today have more advanced lipo techniques at their disposal. One of these is known as VASER Lipo, also referred to as HD Lipo or Hi-Definition Lipo. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This technique uses small incisions similar to traditional liposuction that become nearly invisible scars once healed. Instead of a saline solution being used to break up the fat, HD Lipo uses ultrasound energy to liquefy the fat, making it easier to remove. 

The liquefaction of fatty tissue allows gynecomastia surgeons to remove deep fat deposits under and adjacent to the pectoral muscle. The effect gives the male chest greater definition. As a side note, many men also choose to use HD Lipo for ab etching, which enhances the abdominal muscles. In some men, this creates the six-pack effect.  

Both liposuction and HD Lipo leave the chest flattened but neither procedure can treat skin laxity. When skin loses its elasticity, the male chest can droop and sag, further exacerbating the appearance of boobs. Two new technologies are at the disposal of gynecomastia surgeons to tighten the skin around the chest. J-Plasma gynecomastia treatment also uses tiny incisions that become close to invisible scars when healed. 

J-Plasma, which goes by the brand name Renuvion, uses a combination of helium and radiofrequency energy. A handheld device delivers a high-intensity blast of energy, which tightens the skin and gives skin a healthy glow. 

The Renuvion skin tightening energy coagulates skin tissue, sort of like how liquid eggs become firmer. The technology is safe and does not affect surrounding tissue, making it very desirable when used in conjunction with liposuction during gynecomastia surgery. The result of the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery makes the chest appear flat, tight, and firm.

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Advances in Tissue Excision Leads to Smaller Incisions and Less Invasiveness

Tissue excision refers to the cutting away of glandular tissue that is responsible for male breast growth. While fatty tissue plays a part, glandular tissue is what characterizes the problem as gynecomastia. If the chest growth proved to be merely fatty tissue, doctors would diagnose you with pseudogynecomastia. 

You can tell the difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia by the sensation of glandular tissue underneath the nipple and areola. The tissue feels like a firm disc when performing a self-diagnosis at home. In the gynecomastia surgeon’s office, imaging technology can be used to identify the glandular tissue and provide a gynecomastia diagnosis

During tissue excision, small incisions are made, which function as points of entry for laparoscopic tools. These serpentine tools (one with a light and camera attached) let your doctor perform the surgery without opening your body cavity. The operation is viewed by your surgeon on a monitor in the operating room as the tools are guided robotically. Since your body cavity remains closed, and only small incisions are employed, risks to your health are dramatically reduced.

The smaller incisions also make for smaller scars. Further advancements and the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery have surgeons placing incisions and the resulting scars within the natural folds of your skin, which further hides the marks after they heal.

Areola Reduction for Puffy Nipples

Teen boys and men with gynecomastia often experience puffy nipples, which further mimics the appearance of female breasts. Surgeons can also repair uneven nipples on male chests. During the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon can reduce the size of the areola, remove the puffiness, and reposition the nipple to reflect the natural male contour.

Any incisions made during this process are hidden around the border of the areola and should fade enough to remain hidden once healed. This produces a natural appearance, which is why many males find themselves satisfied with their results in the months and years following their latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia procedures. 

Gynecomastia surgeon experts in trends treatment In & Near Los Angeles - Latest Trends and Technology in Gynecomastia Surgery

Are There Risks to These Latest Trends and Technology in Gynecomastia Surgery?

Tissue excision for male breast reduction can lead to bruising and swelling, which are the most common drawbacks. These side effects will subside within days or weeks. Other risks of these latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery include bleeding, fluid collection, visible scarring, numbness of the nipples, loose breast skin, contour irregularities, and chest asymmetry.

Traditional liposuction can lead to infection, numbness, fluid collection, internal puncture, fat embolism, as well as kidney and heart problems, though serious infections are rare.

VASER or Hi-Def Lipo side effects include hyperpigmentation (darkened patches on the skin), prolonged swelling, and bruising.

Risks of J-Plasma include infection, burns, changes in skin color, nerve damage, bleeding, and gas accumulation under the skin.

Taking the time to carefully choose an experienced gynecomastia surgeon can reduce the chances of serious risks during and after gynecomastia surgery. Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you and the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery during the initial consultation before scheduling you for male breast reduction surgery.

What Results Can You Expect with Advanced Gynecomastia Surgical Techniques?

After surgery, you will wake up in the recovery area of the surgical center. As the effects of anesthesia wear off, the surgical team will monitor your vital signs to assess your health and check for complications. The results of the surgery will be immediately noticeable, though some swelling and bruising may be present. It will take time for these effects to fade. Any surgical incisions that were made will create scars, but those will fade with time as well.

You will wear a compression vest for several weeks following surgery. The purpose of the best is to protect the surgical site, improve blood circulation, and speed healing. You can remove the vest to shower but should wear it most of the time until told to remove it by your gynecomastia surgeon.

The final results from surgery will take between 3 and 6 months to manifest. As the contours of your chest improve and fall more in line with the masculine ideal, your self-image and confidence should also improve. No longer will you have to fret when choosing a shirt to wear. Even tight shirts can be worn without worrying that your male breasts will show through. You will finally be able to wear your favorite shirts or even take your shirt off at the beach or while swimming with supreme confidence in yourself and your body.

The above is the expected outcome of these latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery but there are no guarantees. In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve the best outcome with a single procedure to treat male breast overgrowth. Some teens and men require additional surgery to reposition the chest, reshape the areolas, or treat complications that occur even after knowing the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia surgery.

Once again, take the time to choose a gynecomastia surgeon with a proven track record. During the consultation, ask to see gyno surgery before and after photographs, and assess the level of rapport you have with the professional in question. These factors are important when you want positive, natural-looking, permanent results.

Patient consulting about gynecomastia treatment trends in & near Los Angeles

Are You a Suitable Candidate for the latest trends and technology in Gynecomastia Surgery?

You might be an excellent candidate for male breast reduction surgery if your breast swells and you feel self-conscious about your body as a result. Your condition may go away on its own. There is also a chance you don’t have gynecomastia at all and merely suffer from pseudogynecomastia. If the latter is the case, liposuction or one of the advanced lipo techniques can still restore your chest to a flatter, masculine shape.

Gynecomastia surgery costs around $4,500 on average. An official diagnosis by a gynecomastia specialist is the first step to having this affordable, effective, safe, and confidence-building surgery.

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